Jeffery Armstreet

I am songwriter, producer, mixing engineer and a musician. Creating is something I love. However, I found my way into music production in a fairly unusual way. I was always a writer, but it wasn’t my dream or passion early in life. I was born with a love of sports and golf, which was the path I chose. I played competitively from Junior High through College and even turned pro for a few years after college [also earning a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology to accompany the profession].  Though I had a great deal of talent, drive, and knowledge of the sport, I never seemed to put it together when it counted. Even having earned a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology, I couldn’t turn my mind off enough to let go and play to my greatest ability.  As I began to transition out of golf, I knew in order to remain sane I would have to develop an equal passion for something new. Writing always came easy for me, and I remember hearing at one point that what comes easy is probably what you should pursue. I had picked up guitar in college and started writing songs as a stress reliever [and even started a band in grad school with another writer]. I’m not a singer so I’ve always had to collaborate in order to finish a song; I believe this has really helped shape me as a producer. While helping start a family business shortly after I had finished competitive golf, I started a band called Evangeline with a good friend of mine, Jonathan Barrick.  Though we only recorded one album, “We’re Alright Down Here,” my path and passion became very clear.  I loved every part of the process of making an album and would go on to pour myself into learning the ins and outs of every element of that process. I believe my time in golf helped me jump the learning curve quite a bit because it is such a game of precision and detail. Since I’ve been writing and producing, I’ve been privileged to have my songs recorded by several artists, seen on TV shows, heard on the radio, and even be nominated for major awards. I’m most proud of the work I’ve gotten to do with my Magnolia Red family including albums with Castle Lights, Folk Family Revival, and Shellee Coley.